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Disability Policy Observatory

Disability Policy Oberservatory is a NGO created in 2021 in France ; not subsidized by the State and independent of national or international political parties, trade unions and state-related management organizations.

All members are disabled. 

We are now looking internationally. 

« We are not born disabled, we are disabled by an environment that denies us »

3 missions :
monitoring disability policies,
create independant living and stop segregation. 




DPO volunteers





These are numbers of people who collaborate with us in complete confidentiality and humility, locations where we are present on continents. We continue to meet you everywhere. After three years old of existence, we are proud to be committed independantly and stronger. 


International Labour Organisation

Global Summit 2024

will participate in the next global summit on disability at work in November. We are creating a study group for this occasion which will meet in Geneva in September. Anyone with a disability who wishes to join us can submit their application. 


About DPO

 DPO is an organization dedicated to promoting the rights of people with disabilities. Our mission is to raise awareness, defend the rights of people with disabilities and promote social inclusion. We work closely with international entities, NGOs and local communities to create a more inclusive and accessible world for all. Join us in our fight for equal opportunities and justice for people with disabilities.



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We are currently working on several projects aimed at improving the lives of people with disabilities : to supervise, to create and organize the independent life of people in the law, with international organizations and in all areas of life.  

Les Nations Unies


628th Meeting, 28th Session, Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) : on 7 March 2023, the DPO was heard as part of the general debate on humanitarian emergency risk situations.

Disability Studies

Hepaistos Research Centre is a creation of DPO about disability studies


The Sixth Continent is our  project of disability museum and podcast. 

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Contact Us

We are not recruiting for the office and our working groups are full. Feel free to leave us your message and we will respond quickly. Thank you!

Thanks for submitting!



Opening time Monday-Saturday
all year _ 10:00- 20:00

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