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Welcome to DPO Handicap, an organization dedicated to empowering persons with disabilities. Our mission is to provide support and resources to improve the lives of those with disabilities. We are committed to creating a world where every person has equal opportunities and access to resources to reach their full potential. Join us in our efforts to make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities.



The DPO, created in 2021, wishes to develop a new political conception of disability more ambitious, more coherent with the realities of our societies, and reconnecting a population of people with disabilities with the rest of the world. 

We wish to reverse the separatism considered incurable between ordinary life and specialized institutions. We want to stop segregation. 

We want to build the political and social conditions of the autonomous life of the people, far from the medico-social vision by associations managing places of segregation.

Located between Europe and american continent, it does independent work of monitoring, innovation and organization of an expected change, in light of its collaborations with abroad, disabled people who compose it and outside any political affiliation. 

DPO has three missions:

1- monitor the policies deployed in the institutional, legislative and organisational spheres, the policies of private companies for persons with disabilities, and support in its actions, the principle of equality of common law, and policies for helping families. 

2 - develop legislative,  and social innovations by bringing together experiences and confronting visions of disability in the world. 

3- coordinate and produce knowledge of disability policy and related issues internationally and make them available, as necessary resources, as part of a better awareness of our societies, and to organize a anti-ableist society guaranteeing the independent life of people. 


"We are not born disabled, we become disabled by an environment that denies us."

In 2021, Capucine Lemaire created the observatory and began a first round of Europe of data and statistics. Since then, our COP Handicap analyses cross-cutting issues related to disability to make recommendations in all areas by 2030 in working groups. It is about monitoring, innovating and organizing an independent life for people with disabilities, influencing public policies based on the needs of the people concerned, but also companies and media in order to break the ancestral and imaginary valid/ invalid boundary. 


Creation in France. DPO is OPH (french)



Audition in the french Senate under the Social Security Bill (PLFSS) 



The OPH works with french Senator Rémi Cardon in the first part of the statistics of the handicap and then work entitled «School 2030» and whose objective is an experimentation of the recommended arrangements, after a current phase of observation. 





In August 2022, the President of the OPH joined ENIL, a European collective of disability associations, which sits on the UN and the European Commission.
The OPH joined them in January 2023 as an NGO.


March 7th

The United Nations is holding a hearing with the OPH President at the CRPD conference on humanitarian emergency risks, and we will give our recommendations before the next report on disability policy in France. 

WHO invites the OPH to the debate to build effective tools to achieve the best health status of people with disabilities and create true inclusive governance.

the OPH now contributes to the work of the European Parliament for an inclusive future in Europe.



OPH becomes DPO. Given our international situation, we choose to change the name of the NGO and to communicate in English. We now work with people all over the world and are located between France (parent) and the American continent. 




Director office


Working group direction

Watch team


Direction of publications


Press relations team

International relations


We are very proud  to create high quality collaborations

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