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Following analysis and observations since the foundation of the observatory, the Scientific Committee and the Publications Direction transmit notes on themes related to disability policies, to the press, to legislators and are accessible to the general public.

These notes provide the results of analyses at global level as lobbying pratices to support professional practices, the decisions of political entities, companies and people concerned.

Our work

Imagine and propose effective political vision 

Image de Smit Patel

Getting out people

In our view, the first solution to restoring their rights to disabled people is to make them free. So our job is to get the people out of the segregation grounds. 

Image de Milad Fakurian

Create independant living

Independent Living (IL) is a real philosophy, a particular way of approaching disability and society, and an international movement of people that builds in reality a possible free life for all disabilities and multiple disabilities. 

Image de JJ Ying

1 billion

We create by lobbying actions the means to federate in the world the self determination of a billion of people. Each of us can do it. 

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